Kirstin & Brian



I was THRILLED to spend my Thursday evening in the Hocking Hills with this gorgeous southern gem and her amazing hubby to be. We met up in the Hocking Hills near Logan, OH and set off for an adventurous engagement shoot. We scaled rock walls, waded in the water and admired God’s beauty. This was one of the shoots that I was really sad to see end (just ONE more, guys!), but…. the sun was down!

Get this! I posed these two amidst some pretty delicious golden hour sunlight. I told Brian – “Go ahead and tell Kirstin one reason why you’re marrying her while I shoot this image!”
Do you know what his instant reply was? 
“I can think of a million reasons. Do I have to name just one??”



It always feels like such a privilege when you get the opportunity to photograph a couple that is so truly in love. The hours flow, the images are natural and the shoot is FUN!

Thank you guys for the opportunity to capture such a beautiful, personal season in your life, and for the great conversation! I can’t wait to capture the wedding! Hurry up, August!



  1. Kirstin says

    Thank you for the sweet words, and for the AMAZING pictures, I can’t wait to see the rest. You are wonderful, and we enjoyed spending the evening with you, and we look forward to more upcoming pictures. – Kirstin & Brian