What’s in my bag?

Here’s my current set up (it is ever-changing!) and what I will bring to your wedding and/or family shoot. Not all of these lenses may make their debut at your particular event, but I always have the option to use any of them.

Camera Bodies

I always carry at least two camera bodies with me at all times when I’m shooting. This serves two purposes. One, at big events like weddings, it allows me to switch back and forth seamlessly between two different lenses. For example, my 70-200 mm is my work-horse for weddings, but I also like to have a nice wide angle shot during the ceremony. Bringing two cameras allows me to be prepared for the perfect shot and for emergencies.

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 6D Mark II
DGI Mavic 2 Pro  Drone  (for video and still)
Matterport PRO2 Camera – for the ultimate 3D experience in real estate photography


Canon 70-200 2.8 IS
This big (and heavy!) lens is my go to for weddings. It allows me to blend into the background but still get the intimate shots that make amazing memories.

Canon 17-40 F/4L
When shooting real estate photography and other projects that require or could benefit from a wide angle shot, I use this lens. It is sharp as a tack, light, and focuses fast, silently and close.

Canon 24-70 F/4
A nice option to have for large family portraits or just a good walk-around lens! This one doesn’t come out of my bag as often as the others, but still a valuable asset!

Sigma 85  1.4
A gorgeous portrait lens that delivers every time! You can’t go wrong in bridal, senior or family portraits when using this lens, and it creates the PERFECT bokeh.

Canon 50 1.8
Although the 1.2 is on my wish list, this lens has treated me well. Its compact, light as a feather and sharp. I use this lens the most when traveling, or sometimes shooting portraits.

Canon 35 mm 1.4L
Perfect for capturing everything in the scene, classic, and a must have in a photographer’s bag! This lens doesn’t come off of my camera very often, and it doesn’t need to! This is an absolute favorite of mine.

Canon 100 mm Macro 2.8
Details, details, details! This is my go to for macro photography – especially capturing detailed shots of the wedding rings, invitations, etc.