Hello, Colorado!

The San Juans greeted us with beaming smiles of sunshine as our minivan rolled into town last week. Hello, Montrose! Our kids cheered that the long 1,800 mile road trip was over, but also celebrated the sheer beauty that surrounded us.

In the last four years, our family has lived all over the United States. Pennsylvania, Central Oregon, the Olympic Peninsula, Southeastern Ohio.

The Lord has blessed each of these moves- always going before us to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. We have met so many lifelong friends along the way and have gathered a lot of amazing memories.

We have been in Montrose, Co for roughly a week and a half and I can already tell that the Lord will show His ways here, as He always has. We have already been blessed with friendly faces, budding friendships, a wonderful and welcoming church and the pristine natural & beautiful landscape. My heart aches to get out and about with my camera and to hear the sound of the shutter in the mountains.

Starting a creative business completely over in a new area is always hard but the growth that comes out of the challenges is invaluable and beautiful. It feels good to be home!