Joe & Jacki


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First of all, any wedding that includes an Office reference of any kind automatically has my heart. This one went above and beyond. Between their love, the amazing intimate venue chosen for the reception and the heart felt vows, I was so happy to be behind the lens for this wedding!

Joe & Jacki chose to plan an intimate wedding. It was a small, well thought out, and the guest list was limited. Every detail was gorgeous. The guests were narrowed down to the most influential people of their relationship and it couldn’t have been more beautiful.

We initiated the first look in downtown Columbus, overlooking the city scape and maintained lawns. The weather couldn’t have gotten any better, even the wind blew Jacki’s veil in perfect direction. Joe teared up as Jacki walked down the long staircase and I could tell he was anxious to see his beautiful bride. They both just radiate with love for each other. 


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My favorite part of this entire day – the bridal party entrance into the venue. If you’ve ever seen The Office, you know exactly what I”m talking about. They imitated the entrance from Pam & Jim’s wedding day…. And they nailed it! It was the most hysterical, amazing entrance ever. Pure perfection. 

Thanks again, Joe & Jacki! I had so much FUN at your celebration and can’t wait to work with you in the future.