Why you should have your photo shoot done at your own home



It was a humid, sticky, beautiful summer night when I joined the Cronin’s at their home in Athens, OH for their family photo shoot. Their little guy greeted me with all smiles at the door as he happily ran down the front steps. He was relaxed, encouraged and ready for his big debut!

There is something to be said about having your photo shoot done at your own home. For starters, it takes the pressure off of having to go anywhere new. (Anyone ever tried to get a toddler ready and out the door to a photo shoot?) Not to mention ditching the drive TO the location, the photographer comes to YOU. The familiarity of home can calm nerves, provide reassurance and ultimately – help you be ready to get in front of the camera!

But there are more reasons. At a photo shoot that takes place at a family’s home, I’ve noticed a more natural and organic family feel as to how those photos play out. They’re living life together right on the soil we are standing on. Their babies have said their first words, taken their first steps or hit their first baseball in the backyard that we are shooting in. The home itself may have gone through renovations, requiring years of dedication and determination from the family members and there is a story literally around every corner.




Having a photo shoot at your own residenceĀ can provide you with a level of personalization in your photos that you won’t get by going to a public green space or forest. It shows more of your story, adding a level of depth into the images that photographers like me thrive on! When I can capture LIFE – real, raw and beautiful momentsĀ – it makes my heart go pitter pat.

Whether you’re in the house that you plan to stay in or if this is a temporary stop, consider showcasing where you make your nest right now. The memories will be fun to look back on and you’ll be able to provide your little ones with a special peek into their childhood.